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new characters by TOUSEI new characters by TOUSEI
It is a summary of the character created recently.
The height is roughly matched.
From the left.

Selfish man. It is not respected so much though it is a top son in the country.
It has the past when the wife has been killed though it married.
GOEPPELS is a mistress now.
However, homosexuality is not permitted in their countries.

ADOLF's sponsorship and serious character.
However, it cannot eat meat and it is annoyed by the anorexia.
Eyes are usually in the abdomen. It is also possible to move to the face.

Serviceman who works under GOEBBELS.
To vomit the poisonous gas, the mask is always installed.
Former condemned. Only the limited person knows the real face.
And, he also loves GOEBBELS.
It has cruel, taciturn character "HEINRICH" and bright, amiable character "HIMMLER".

Younger brother of HANNES.
It always worries the elder brother's being loved.
It is easy to make the enemy from a violent character.

Elder brother of YORCK and man with gray hair.
It doesn't doubt it by the character cheated easily.
Any beautiful woman doesn't associate by him though it is liked very much by the woman.
Because his eternal lover is younger brother.

Timid boy.Brother's sponsorship.
Actually, two people have been indebted to the house of SHIGETATSU.
However, he is housework and is eating because he causes a troublesome thing.

HAERESIS is an invective though it is a polite boy.
For the hated other party, it is very aggressive.
It gently receives a girl and a lovely other party.

CASUS is a sword of HAERESIS. It talks, and it has feelings.
When seriousness is put out, it transforms to the person type.
The wording is violent.

Wife of AMY. The child is loved, and sewing and the metalwork are hobbies.
AMY is a married couple with a very good relations because a meddlesome character though might be angry.
However, the child is not born because of the body.

Husband of HURUGHITO that it likes reading. The child is disliked.
It is easy to be disliked because it has the face to which it was always angry.
However, he can pay attention in detail in the desire between relations very.

Former captain. The body is remodeled, and it is kept as a dog of the army now.
It always had the criticism to top management though it was top-class personnel.
It was hated by the superior, and therefore, it was made to injure on purpose, and it was made to secede from the front.
In the body, the color of the skin changes, the arm is lost, and eyes are artificial eyes. Life that relies on the medicine has been needed.
It lives as a pet of MYU now. A straight conversation cannot be done though it is possible to speak. Extreme masochist...

Girl who doesn't display one's emotion.
It sees as one serviceman in reality though GEGENWART is kept.

There is a part of character borrows from a name of the person in history.
QUICKMASTER Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Student Filmographer
Nice design
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Wow so many characters!
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